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Life Insurance

Individual Life Insurance

Life insurance has many uses for individuals. Individuals and families should purchase life insurance outside of their employer’s benefit package to continue coverage regardless of employment status or employer’s benefit plan. Some common uses include:

Funeral Life insurance proceeds can ensure that there is enough money for proper funeral and burial expenses
Debt Personal bills, credit card debt, student loans, and personal notes can be covered by life insurance in the event of an individual's death
Mortgage Protection The proceeds of a life insurance policy can pay off the balance of a mortgage or provide an income stream to pay monthly mortgage or rent payments
Income Replacement In the event of an individual's death, life insurance proceeds can provide a supplemental income stream to ensure that the surviving family members are able to maintain the same standard of living
Education Life insurance proceeds can ensure that the education costs of the insured's children are covered
Taxes Federal estate and state inheritance taxes can be pre-funded using life insurance to preserve the value of an estate.
Donations/Gifts An individual can use a life insurance policy to fund a donation to a charity or leave a gift to a family member

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Group Life Insurance

Life insurance is a valuable product that can be used for many purposes including:

Key-Person A life insurance policy can be used to protect a business from the loss of income and profits caused by the death of a key employee. Business Continuation - Life insurance can be used to fund a buy/sell agreement or stock redemption plan to determine enable a partner or group of employees to buy the business interest of a deceased partner
Business Loans Life insurance protection on a key employee or business owner can be used to pay off the debts of a business in the event of that individual's death.
Employee Benefits Life insurance protection for employees is commonly included in company employee benefits plans.

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