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About Temporary Health Insurance

For the most part, our temporary health plans are designed like most traditional U.S. major medical plans where you share some costs at the beginning of a claim and the insurer takes on the rest when expenses get too great. Here is how it works:

Choose the right coverage for you
Choose a plan First, you choose the plan that best meets your situation and budget. Simply select your plan from your choice of deductibles, length of coverage, and in some cases, payment type (monthly or pre-pay).
Choose any doctor Since these plans are not designed like traditional HMOs or PPOs, you choose your own doctors and hospitals.
How claims get paid
First You pay the deductible for each covered person.
Then Once the deductible is satisfied, the insurer typically pays a coinsurance equal to 80% of the next $5,000 of covered expenses, you pay 20% (this percentage varies by plans).
Thereafter The insurance pays 100% of remaining covered expenses up to the plan maxium for each covered person on the plan
Things to know
Pre-existing conditions Temporary and travel health plans (Fortis, HPA & IMG Patriot) exclude pre-existing conditions from their plans. Annual plans (Celtic Celticare & IMG Global Medical Ins.) require underwriting - meaning they will evaluate whether or not to include coverage for certain pre-existing conditions. If you are currently receiving costly medical treatment, you may want to consider other alternatives - as our temporary plans completely exclude these conditions from coverage.
Wellness visits Both the temporary and travel health plans do not cover wellness visits such as annual physicals, etc. They are designed to cover you for times of sickness or injury. This means that doctors visits are only covered when you go to receive treatment for an injury or illness - NOT for your annual physical or check up.